Career Opportunities

 Currently, Jazz 91.9 WCLK has a job opening for a Development Director.  Click the link below to see job description and find out how to apply:

Applicants: Read This First!!!

Is The Job Still Open?

All jobs that are currently posted are open.


Application Materials

Please provide the Human Resource Office with one set of your application materials for each job for which you are applying. For each position for which you meet the referral requirements, the application materials are forwarded to the hiring department for their review.  If your application materials do not clearly reflect that you meet all of the posted minimum hiring standards for a position, your application will not be forwarded to the hiring department. All application materials (such as cover letters, letters of reference, transcripts, if requested, etc.) should be submitted at the time of application and not in separate submissions.


Unsolicited Application Materials

Only materials that identify a specific, current vacant position are accepted. Unsolicited resumes, or materials requesting general consideration for any position, will not be considered to be applications or retained.


Keep a Copy for Your Own Records

Candidates should retain a copy of their application materials. Once submitted, applications, resumes, work samples, etc. become a permanent part of Human Resources Office files and may not be retrieved. We also recommend keeping a copy of the job posting. After the position closes, copies are not available.


Will I Hear From the Department?

If you want to know if the position has been closed, watch the weekly job posting. As long as the position is still listed, the position has not been filled. Once a department “closes” a position, it means they are no longer accepting applications and the listing is removed from the job posting. It may be some time between the date a department closes the position and when they fill the position. All jobs must be posted for at least 5 working days before any offer can be made. If a hiring department wishes to interview you for a position, they will contact you directly. Most hiring managers prefer that applicants not contact them directly regarding the status of their application.  If you are interviewed but not selected for the position, the Human Resource Office will send finalist candidates a letter of regret. Please understand this is a courtesy rather than a requirement.


Employment Eligibility

By federal law, if you are offered a position, you must present original documentation that establishes your identity and your eligibility to work in the United States.  Failure to present acceptable documents within 3 days means you may not be employed.


Former Employees

Former employees who have been discharged, or who resigned in lieu of discharge, for reasons of misconduct, are not eligible for rehire at Clark Atlanta University.


Background Checks

By University policy a background investigation is required and will be conducted on all finalist candidate(s).