EEO Report/Diversity Statement

WCLK 91.9 FM


This filing represents the annual EEO report as required by the Federal Communications Commission for station WCLK, Atlanta GA.  It covers the period December 1, 2012 - November 30, 2013.

The station general manager is responsible for the station’s recruitment, employment and outreach activities and works in conjunction with its licensee, Clark Atlanta University human resources department, to properly post positions to achieve broad equal employment opportunity goals.  It also works with state broadcast and media agencies to achieve its EEO goals as well.

A). During this period, WCLK had one (1) fulltime vacancy

B).   WCLK advertised to fill a vacancy for Sr. Staff Assistant, and the following represent the recruitment sources used for this vacancy. None of these agency requested notification.

Career/Employment Search Engine



Posted on Monday, 6/10/13

Posted on Monday, 6/10/13

Posted on Tuesday, 6/11/13


Posted on Tuesday, 6/11/13

Job Spider

Posted on Tuesday, 6/11/13

Job Island

Posted on Tuesday, 6/1113

Posted on

C). The Recruitment source that referred the candidate for Sr. Staff Assistant was

Clark Atlanta University                     CAU ONLINE           Alexander Morgan, HR Director         

Atlanta GA 404-880-8050


D) Three candidates were interviewed for the Sr. Staff Assistant position.  Two of the interviewees were through the WCLK website and one of the interviewees was through

CAU website


Jazz 91.9 WCLK conducts student training and internships each semester, fall, spring and summer to actively engage students in radio broadcasting and multimedia and as a means of creating a database of student workers as vacancies arise. During the period covered by this report, WCLK provided for training for up to 12 interns per semester for a total of about 36 student intern training opportunities over the one year period.  

The training opportunities are open to all students At Clark Atlanta University as well as to students at local colleges and Universities to include Morehouse, Spelman, International Theological Seminary, Georgia State, Georgia Tech and others.

Students are provided the opportunity to assist WCLK staff to acquire training in the areas of production, membership, front office administration, sales and traffic, communications and public relations.  Many students are assigned by their area of interest so that they gain invaluable skills that will enable them to be employable upon graduation.

WCLK also selects work study applicants each year.  These students are provided paid training opportunities in their areas of interest.  WCLK hires about six work study students per year.


Jazz 91.9 WCLK participated in the Clark Atlanta University (CAU), School of Arts and Sciences, Division of Mass Community Arts job fair on September 6, 2013.  The event was coordinated and managed by the Director of Marketing and Communications for WCLK and by the Volunteer coordinator at WCLK.

Jazz 91.9 WCLK participated in the Clark Atlanta University Community Service Fair and recruited students for volunteer opportunities with the station.  That event was organized and presented by the Global Leadership Academy and Career Development Center.  The WCLK Volunteer Coordinator attended on behalf of the station.

Jazz 91.9 WCLK in media partnership with the Office of Georgia Congressman David Scott participated in the eighth annual 13th Congressional District Jobs Fair on Friday, April 29, 2013 at the Georgia International Convention Center which attracted more than 5,000 job aspirants.  The WCLK Director of Marketing and Communications was on hand. 

Jazz 91.9 WCLK Director of Marketing and Communications worked with the City of Atlanta/Fulton County Summer youth program as a community panelist and, discussed job readiness skills and internship opportunities with an audience of 100 teens at the Adamsville Recreational Center on Wednesday, June 3, 2013.

As openings arise, the station shares ongoing information with other public media colleagues in Georgia and across the country in an effort to tap ready qualified candidates.

Diversity Statement

Jazz 91.9 WCLK knows that a diverse workforce, management team, governing body, and Community Advisory Board contribute greatly to our knowledge and understanding of the Atlanta/Southeast Region’s diverse communities, and to our ability to deliver content and services that will help us attract, grow and engage audiences and help them to achieve their full potential. We endeavor to recruit from a broad pool of candidates enabling us to hire and promote qualified candidates with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, personal experiences and characteristics, and talents that reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by Jazz 91.9 WCLK.

Jazz 91.9 WCLK will continue to explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting this diversity and to monitor and evaluate our success. The means Jazz 91.9 WCLK adopts will always meet the standards of federal and state law, Jazz 91.9 WCLK’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria.

Diversity Policy

JAZZ 91.9 WCLK  is committed to ensuring that its workforce and governing boards reflect the diversity found in the communities it serves.   Central to JAZZ 91.9 WCLK’s mission, vision and values is maintaining a governing and workplace environment which recognizes and celebrates the power of diversity. JAZZ 91.9 WCLK strives to create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals can be successful and reach his or her full potential within the organization.

JAZZ 91.9 WCLK seeks a diverse workforce and governing body through distinct personalities and capabilities of each individual within the group. On a personal level, the diversity of an individual is defined by his or her cultural and personal differences, as well as life and professional experiences.

JAZZ 91.9 WCLK believes that diversity considerations extend beyond race and gender. The spectrum of diversity also includes disability, religious belief, age, culture, sexual orientation, physicality, education and socio- economic status.

JAZZ 91.9 WCLK is an equal opportunity employer and will attempt to recruit a diverse work force and explicitly forbid discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability and marital status.