Every Tongue Confess http://wclk.com en Every Tongue Confess Cast Stops by WCLK http://wclk.com/post/every-tongue-confess-cast-stops-wclk <p></p><p>The summer heat is rising and flames are flying high in this fantastical whodunit set in 1996 Alabama. Wrapped in combustible comedy and the sweat-soaked music of the Deep South, intergenerational stories of loss and redemption collide. Gardley blends ancient myth and magical realism with the local TV news to create a fiery theatrical furnace in which some will be saved, some will be purged, and the truth cannot escape.</p><p>Cast-members Victor Love, Deborah Bowman, and Minka Wiltz dropped by WCLK and talked about Marcus Gardley's play with Jamal Ahmad.</p> Wed, 07 Aug 2013 22:26:45 +0000 Rob Maynard 969 at http://wclk.com Every Tongue Confess Cast Stops by WCLK