Call To True Beauty Talks Domestic Violence In Pop Culture Wed @6p on WCLK

May 31, 2014

The Call To True Beauty asks some hard questions this month.  Do jokes and images of domestic violence in popular culture pave the way for tolerance of abusers?  Just what do women 'owe' men?  Do popular videos and music and images filled with misogyny and women as objects make it easier for men to abuse women?

Host Daphne Walker, President and CEO of Atlanta's Partnership Against Domestic Violence, will be joined by Tomeka Daniel, Senior Attorney supervising Domestic Violence for Georgia Legal Services, Macon Division.  They will talk about it, and take your phone calls live.

The Call To True Beauty is on the air to help provide you ways to create healthy, violence free relationships in your life.  It is an extension of a campaign originally started here on the Clark Atlanta University campus, and now  is a live, interactive radio show airing at 6pm the first Wednesday of each month.

The Call To True Beauty is made possible by Verizon Wireless.