Four shows left for 'Too Heavy for Your Pocket' at Alliance's Hertz Stage (Audio + Video)

Feb 25, 2017

Hey WCLK listeners! You have four chances this weekend to see Jiréh Breon Holder's play, "Too Heavy for Your Pocket" before it goes to NYC's Roundabout Theatre Company in October. 

The show follows Bowzie, a 1960s youth who gives up his scholarship to become a Civil Rights Freedom Rider.  The show is based on a conversation Holder had with his grandmother about her friend and his life changing decision to become a Civil Rights advocate. I had a chance to chat with Holder two weeks ago during #UPFRONT about the play and mounting it at the Alliance Theatre's Hertz Stage. 

Ray Cornelius with playwright Jiréh Breon Holder
 Check out our full interview below and watch a video of Holder further explaining the show: