Historic Preservation And Jordan Hall

Oct 3, 2017

The Edmund Asa Ware School was one of the first elementary schools for African American children in Atlanta, built in 1922. Today it is known as Jordan Hall and is considered by many to be a building of historic significance. The YMCA plans to redevelop this Atlanta University Center (AUC) area site and may well level Jordan hall in that process.

What is historic preservation and why is it important? We spoke with William Hover, Section Chief & Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division. He talks about what makes a site historic, and how people can get involved in efforts to preserve properties in our communities we feel are worth saving, and what kind of resources and tax credits are available.

More information about Jordan Hall is available here and here.

More information about the Georgia DNR Historic Preservation Division can be found here.