The Local Take Talks Organ Donation, LIFELINK and the Battle for Life Campus Challenge

Apr 9, 2018

Coming up Saturday morning at 8:00 on The Local Take on WCLK I speak with Stephanie Jackson, Education Specialist with LifeLink Foundation about the need for organ donors. Ms. Jackson explains that LifeLink assists the more than 5,000 citizens in our state in need of organ, tissue or eye transplants.  She tells us that an organ donor can assist 8 people with life. Tissue and eye donors can assist up to 75 people to make their lives better. 

We speak about the distrust and myths around organ donation especially in the African-American community which has been abused by the medical establishment for many years. 

I ask her who makes a good organ donor and why it's important for more African Americans to become donors. 

After speaking with Ms. Jackson, I was joined in the studio by Qiana Crenshaw and Ashley Panahagahi students at Clark-Atlanta University who participated in the LifeLink Foundation Annual Battle for Life Campus Challenge with CAU won last year by registering 200 people to become organ donors. The students share with me how the campaign became personal as Ashley Panahagahi has family members in need of organ donation.

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