The Local Take Welcomes Moral Mondays At The Georgia Capitol

Jan 9, 2014

Kiplyn Primus took calls live Saturday morning, January 11 at seven on The Local Take, just before Tavis Smiley.  Moral Mondays are coming to the Georgia Legislature this session, beginning Monday, January 13. Grass roots protestors will gather at the state capitol each week to let our political leaders know that health care access and voting rights are issues all Georgians take seriously.

Kiplyn was joined by Tim Franzen, from the American Friends Service Committee, who talked about this multi-racial, multi-issue coalition coming together to disrupt the business as usual under Georgia’s golden dome.  Moral Mondays began in North Carolina, and are now going to take Georgia's lawmakers to task.

That was Moral Mondays on The Local Take With Kiplyn Primus, Saturday morning at seven exclusively on WCLK.

For more information about Moral Mondays in Georgia, check out their website here.

The Nation's Allison Kilkenny wrote about Moral Mondays in Georgia here.