March 15: Your Health Connection Discusses Brain Cancer

Mar 14, 2017

Join Host Pattie Walden for Your Health Connection on 91.9 WCLK, Wednesday, March 15 at 6:00 PM.    The March 15 edition of Your Health Connection will focus on brain cancer.  Brain cancer is rare, but it is often fatal. Do wireless devices or lifestyle choices increase your chances of getting brain cancer? We’ll talk about it with guest experts: Dr. Soma Sengupta, MD, Ph.D and Dr. Erin Dunbar, MD; as well as brain cancer survivor, Beth Jordan. We’ll also take your questions, live at (404) 880 - 9255.

Your Health Connection on WCLK is Community Engagement from The Center For Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development at Clark Atlanta University.  Find out more about their good work by clicking here.

Dr. Kimberly Davis with CCRTD passes along these trenchant links with regards to brain cancer:

  • Scientists inhibit brain tumor cell growth, paving way for new treatment


  • Brain cancer: New biomarker could improve diagnosis of glioma

  • Deadly brain cancer genes identified

  • How skin cells could help fight cancer