Rivablue Presents A Tribute To Billie Holiday

Jul 5, 2014

Credit William F. Gottlieb

Rivablue joins forces with Tyra Atkins, Steve Moore and Mimi Johnson to pay tribute to the immortal Billie Holiday in a special dramatic musical performance Wednesday July 9 at Cafe 290 in Sandy Springs.  This tribute will include a dramatization of an evening in the life of Billie Holiday, and will feature a number of her classics, including Strange Fruit, Love For Sale, Don't Explain, What A Little Moonlight Can Do, Them There Eyes, Good Morning, and God Bless The Child.

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Holiday passed away July 17, 1959 at age 44, a hard life lived and an unforgettable jazz vocalist who's work is left to the ages.  For more on Billie Holiday, click here.