Smart N Up Conference Saturday @ GWCC Features Tavis Smiley

Mar 25, 2014

Saturday's Smart N Up Conference features a solution focussed discussion centered toward conquering social injustice within the community.  It will be hosted by Tavis Smiley, but the focus is on bringing young people together to generate their own solutions for endemic poverty and inequality.

From the Smart N Up Facebook:

We are pleased to ask you to be a part of a movement that has the potential to enlighten the masses through critical examination, self-reflection and solution focused ideologies, which we are calling “Project Smart-N-Up.” The purpose of this event is to serve as a medium or platform for people who are tired; feel oppressed, would like to have a voice or would like to learn how to be more proactive rather than reactive to the social injustices that occur within our community. Social injustice is defined as “when an individual appears to not be able to play on the same playing field as others due to injustice in the political system, employment system, residential community, educational system, etc.” The event will consist of a panel of various speakers who will give insight and delve into the inadequacies of social injustice. Tavis Smiley will be mediating this event and there will be a chance for the audience to convey their thoughts and perceptions of social injustice. The event will take place on March 29th 2014 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. The event is open to the public and is free of charge. However, we are accepting donations. For more information or details on the event you can inbox Eli Martin III or Justin Hempstead on facebook or email us at or

As a part of the WCLK Public Affairs Block on Saturday, March 22, Rob Maynard discussed the Smart N Up event March 29 at 1pm at the Georgia World Congress Center.  He was joined by CAU Alumnus Eli Martin III, event organizer Justin Hempstead, and Morehouse Student Activist Seth Brown.