WCLK and Your Health Connection Remember Ralph C. T. Franklin

Oct 16, 2013

Ralph C. T. Franklin

WCLK and our partners at the Center For Cancer Research and Therapeutic development are mourning the loss of our friend and  courageous advocate for prostate cancer awareness Ralph C. T. Franklin.  On Sunday, October 13, Franklin died from complications due to prostate cancer.  He was 62.  

About six years ago, Ralph was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.  His prognosis at the time was grim…6 months to 2 years.  Shortly after his diagnosis, Ralph decided to share his medical condition with other men…not for sympathy or empathy but because he wanted to make sure that if we were all truly brothers we would get tested for prostate cancer. 

Ralph, accompanied by wife Joyce, was our guest on the September edition of Your Health Connection on WCLK.  You can listen to Ralph's words of wisdom during that appearance by clicking here.

Ralph inspired the documentary project, If You Are My Brothers, which chronicled his valiant fight against the disease…a fight he would take on for six years.  In that time, he became an advocate for men’s health.  In addition to the documentary project, he spoke to men’s groups, wrote about his experience and appeared on radio and television programs.

WCLK celebrates the life and legacy of Ralph CT Franklin.  He encouraged many and his work helped to save lives.  Though his voice is now silent his legacy will live on through his advocacy efforts.

For more information about Ralph Franklin and  the “If You Are My Brothers” documentary & outreach prostate cancer project visit www.ifyouaremybrothers.com.

Our heart goes out to Joyce Franklin and all of Ralph's loved ones.