WCLK Local Take Discourse-Dialogue For Understanding

Oct 12, 2013

The Local Take with Kiplyn Primus presents DISCOURSE-- Dialogues for Understanding. This is the first in a series of conversations that we will have within our community.

WCLK's Kiplyn Primus joined a round table with the Community Council of Metro Atlanta last month and captured the voices of several young African American men.   They spoke about growing up amid the school to prison pipeline, stand your ground laws and the Trayvon Martin case, and a general erosion of voting rights and a toxic stew of stereotypes both imposed and accepted.  Instead of old heads talking about young people, on this edition of Local Take-Discourse, we let the young people take the lead.

Kiplyn is joined for the discussion by David Branch, community organizer and event facilitator working with the Community Council of Metro Atlanta, and also by Dr. Gerry White, CAU Professor and an activist in these issues working with Let Us Make Man.

For more information about the Community Council of Metro Atlanta click here.

For more information about Let Us Make Man, click here.