What Would You Do If You Saw Domestic Violence? Listen To The Call To True Beauty

Jul 2, 2014

What would you do if you suspected a friend was a victim of domestic violence?  What would you do if you saw someone being threatened or abused in a DV situation?  That's what we talked about on The Call To True Beauty on WCLK Wednesday, July 2.

Daphne Walker is your host.  She's a former judge and the current President and CEO of The Partnership Against Domestic Violence.  Daphne's guest tonight is Donna Brock, Clark Atlanta University Strategic Communications Director, who began The Call To True Beauty as an outreach project to the CAU community before it became a compelling talk program.  They took your calls, live, during a frank discussion of what is called "the bystander effect."  What would you do?

The Call To True Beauty airs the first Wednesday of each month on WCLK and is made possible by Verizon Wireless, The Partnership Against Domestic Violence/PADV, and Clark Atlanta University.

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