The Call To True Beauty

First Wednesdays Each Month @ 6pm
Daphne Walker
Daphne Walker

The Call To True Beauty will examine the many issues involving dating and domestic violence in the community, with the idea of helping build healthy, violence-free relationships.  It is a live, hour long interactive talk program.

“The Call to True Beauty” radio show elevates the Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU’s) considerable focus on preventing and eradicating dating and domestic violence.  The University addresses the issue year-round and annually hosts the “The Call to True Beauty” education and advocacy campaign each October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The University took up the mantle of domestic violence advocacy in 2010 and has been designated by Atlanta City Council as a community resource zone for education and prevention every year since.

Sponsored by Verizon Wireless on the occasion of WCLK’s 40th anniversary, the program will be hosted by Daphne Walker, J.D., president and CEO of Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Georgia’s largest nonprofit domestic violence organization.  A former judge, private criminal defense attorney and senior district attorney in Fulton County’s Crimes Against Women and Children Unit, Walker brings more than 15 years of legal expertise and front-line service to the on-air conversation.

Community Engagement
8:17 am
Wed November 5, 2014

Kimya Motley--From Survivor To Advocate On The Call To True Beauty

Kimya Motley

Kimya Motley didn't imagine she would be the victim of a horrific act of domestic violence.  But in 2011 she and her daughter were both shot in the head by her ex-husband and left for dead.  She and her daughter survived and she has persevered to become an advocate for domestic violence survivors.

Motley joined Host Daphne Walker on WCLK Wednesday, November 5 at six pm for The Call To True Beauty, a live interactive talk program designed to help you find healthier, happier relationships.

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Community Engagement
11:03 am
Fri September 26, 2014

The Call To True Beauty Features Relationship Expert Dr. Alduan Tartt Wednesday 6pm

Dr. Alduan Tartt

Join us Wednesday evening, October 1 at six pm for the Call To True Beauty on 91.9 WCLK.  Relationship Expert Dr. Alduan Tartt will join Host Daphne Walker for a discussion about how men in particular can better communicate and create positive, healthy relationships.  Walker and Dr. Tartt will take your phone calls, live. The Call To True Beauty is heard exclusively on WCLK and on demand on this site, and is made possible by Verizon Wireless and The Partnership Against Domestic Violence.

For more information about Alduan Tartt, click here.

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Community Engagement
3:30 pm
Fri August 1, 2014

The Call to True Beauty – August Edition

Credit Shed Jackson

Join Host, Daphne Walker, Wednesday, August 6, 6:00 p.m. for the August edition of The Call To True Beauty on WCLK.  We will  talk about domestic violence from the law enforcement perspective with Atlanta Police Department, Special Victims Unit, Detective Janet Brady.  We will also feature Louis Negron, a community advocate doing his part to make sure non-English speaking victims of Domestic Violence are properly heard. 

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Community Engagement
9:08 am
Sat May 31, 2014

Call To True Beauty Talks Domestic Violence In Pop Culture Wed @6p on WCLK

The Call To True Beauty asks some hard questions this month.  Do jokes and images of domestic violence in popular culture pave the way for tolerance of abusers?  Just what do women 'owe' men?  Do popular videos and music and images filled with misogyny and women as objects make it easier for men to abuse women?

Host Daphne Walker, President and CEO of Atlanta's Partnership Against Domestic Violence, will be joined by Tomeka Daniel, Senior Attorney supervising Domestic Violence for Georgia Legal Services, Macon Division.  They will talk about it, and take your phone calls live.

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Community Engagement
10:26 am
Sat May 3, 2014

Dating Do's and Don'ts For Healthy Relationships On The Call To True Beauty

Host Daphne Walker is joined by CAU Psychologist Dr. Gregory Bass Wednesday at 6pm for the May edition of The Call To True Beauty.  This is a live, interactive talk show featuring your calls.  The Call To True Beauty deals with the real world issues of domestic and dating violence with the goal of helping you find happy, healthy relationships.

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Community Engagement
8:21 pm
Wed April 2, 2014

The Call To True Beauty Observes National Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

WCLK, Clark Atlanta University, Verizon Wireless, and the Partnership Against Domestic Violence(PADV) began a compelling monthly series of radio programs designed to bring about healthy, violence free relationships.  The Call To True Beauty's debut program featured Host Daphne Walker talking with Jennifer Bivins, President and CEO of The Georgia Network To End Sexual Assault(GNESA).  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month nationwide, and Walker and Bivins took several calls from a wide range of people with questions and experience with this issue.

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Community Engagement
1:10 pm
Sat March 29, 2014

The Call To True Beauty Radio Program Debuts Wed April 2 @ 6pm

Join Atlanta's Partnership Against Domestic Violence President and CEO Daphne Walker for the debut of a compelling new live talk program on WCLK, "The Call To True Beauty."  Airing for the first time on Wednesday, April 2 at 6:00 p.m. on WCLK, The Call To True Beauty will examine the many issues involving dating and domestic violence in the community, with the idea of helping build healthy, violence-free relationships.

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