Heart To Heart With Dr. Tartt

Second Tuesdays Each Month at 6pm

Heart to Heart with Dr. Tartt airs the second Tuesday each month at 6 p.m., providing tools, information and resources to build and maintain healthy relationships, from romance to friendship to workplace dynamics.

This live, interactive program, sponsored by Verizon Wireless, encourages listeners to join the on-air conversation by calling 404-880-9255.  Guests also can connect using social media by tweeting, #H2HDT.

Sheryl Sellaway, executive director of public relations for Verizon Wireless says, “Heart to Heart with Dr. Tartt” was created to inform and empower people to develop healthy, enriching relationships.  We are confident that Dr. Alduan Tartt will be able to connect with a broad listening public, sharing both his considerable expertise and his sincere love for people.”

Tartt is a clinical psychologist, media, host, professional speaker, author and consultant.  The Morehouse College graduate is the youngest African-American ever to receive the Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan, and is presently pursuing a degree in divinity from Antioch University.  He is the author of “The Ring Formula:  How to Be the Only One He Ever Needs,” and a contributing author of “Saving Our Daughters,” (volumes one and three), focusing on female empowerment, bullying and pregnancy prevention.  He routinely contributes to Black Enterprise and Essence magazines, and also serves the NBA as a consultant on relationship and family management issues.

He is an in-demand media expert on behavioral issues, particularly as they pertain to human interactions, and has appeared on ABC “Nightline,” MTV’s “Made,” VH-1 “Fantasia for Real,” TV One’s “Black Men Revealed,” BET’s “106 and Park” and Gospel Touch TV.  He is also a frequent radio guest, having appeared on broadcasts with myriad hosts, including Rickey Smiley, Darlene McCoy, Ryan and Wanda and Tom Joyner.

Join Dr. Alduan Tartt Tuesday, March 8 at 6:00 p.m. on 91.9 WCLK for the March edition of Heart To Heart With Dr. Tartt.   He and his guests will talk about the ‘business’ of relationships.   Why do men tend to isolate from one another instead of asking for help in business and life?   Why do women compete with each other instead of cooperating?

Heart To Heart with Dr. Tartt provides the community with healthy solutions for happier relationships. Join us Tuesday, February 9 at 6:00 p.m. for our February program.  Valentines Day is coming up this weekend.  Is Cupid on your side or are you cursed? Dr. Tartt will be joined by Ebony Steele and they’ll take your calls and questions live at (404) 880 - 9255.

Join us Tuesday, January 12 at 6:00 p.m.  on Jazz 91.9 WCLK  for Heart To Heart With Dr. Tartt, presented by Clark Atlanta University and Verizon Wireless.   How can you renew excitement in your relationship in the New Year?  What do you do when the butterflies in your stomach at the sight of your love fly away and you’re just plain bored?


Join Dr. Alduan Tartt, Tuesday, December 8 at 6:00 p.m. on Jazz 91.9 WCLK for the holiday edition of Heart To Heart With Dr. Tartt.   The holiday season can be a test for relationships.   Is your bae going to be your fiancee?   Is your significant other spending time with your family over the holidays?   How can you stay healthy and, happy at a time of year filled with family and relationship dilemmas?

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This month on Heart To Heart with Dr. Tartt we go deep into the Man Cave to get real world perspectives on what it takes to establish and maintain healthy relationships.   Dr. Alduan Tartt will be joined by Psychologist, Dr. Christopher Bass on the Tuesday, November 10, 6:00 p.m. edition of #H2HDT.  We will take your calls live at (404) 880 - 9255.

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Jazz 91.9 WCLK presents a special edition of Heart To Heart With Dr. Tartt Tuesday October 6 at 6:00 p.m. as we take a close look at domestic violence in the community.   Dr. Alduan Tartt will be joined by Jan Christiansen, executive director of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in observance of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Clark Atlanta University’s innovative Call To True Beauty Program.   They’ll take your calls, live, about how to help friends or loved ones who may be in danger.

Heart To Heart with Dr. Alduan Tartt is a live, interactive talk program on WCLK from Clark Atlanta University and Verizon Wireless that provides healthy solutions for happy, violence free relationships. The September edition of Heart To Heart is all about what happens when you fight with your spouse, your significant other, even a relative or co-worker. We're not talking actual physical fighting, but the day-to-day bickering, shade and other things we do when we're exasperated with the ones we love or have to see each day.

Dr. Alduan Tartt returns for the August edition of Heart To Heart Tuesday evening at 6pm, made possible by Verizon Wireless and Clark Atlanta University. Most people have their "list" of criteria for their ideal date/mate, but what constitutes realistic vs. unrealistic expectations?  And what happens when, once in a relationship, you discover that what appeared to be golden is just spray paint?  How should you  work through "adjusting expectations?"  What is your criteria?  Deal breakers?  Bargaining chips?

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Dr. Alduan Tartt returns Tuesday at 6pm on WCLK with Heart To Heart Presented by Verizon Wireless. Is dating outdated? What is the purpose of dating? Sex, committment, good company, a courtship?

Dr. Tartt will be joined by Dr. Aaron Turpeau and they will take your calls and questions live, and try to give you positive solutions in your relationship.

Dr. Tartt stopped by Morning Jazz to talk with Morris Baxter about Tuesday's program.

Heart to Heart with Dr. Alduan Tartt returns Tuesday evening June 9 at 6pm with a look at healthy relationships in the aftermath of domestic violence.

Dr. Tartt will be joined by Life-Coach Tamik0 Lowry-Pugh and domestic violence survivor Kimya Motley.

They’ll talk about overcoming domestic violence and letting ‘the rest of the story’ be ‘the best of the story.’ We’ll also feature your calls, live.

Heart to Heart with Dr. Tartt airs exclusively on WCLK and is available on demand here at wclk.com and is made possible by Clark Atlanta University and Verizon Wireless.