Blood Donation

You're Somebody's Type - Please Donate Blood

Jan 11, 2018

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers continues to face an emergency need for all blood types in January. Patients in Greater Atlanta hospitals are counting on local blood donors and first time donors to survive and heal.   Help by donating blood today.  Visit to find a blood drive near you or call 888-795-2702.  Your community is counting on you, please donate blood today. Here are a list of upcoming Atlanta area blood drives:

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers is issuing an emergency appeal for O-negative blood donors due to a critical shortage of this type.

O-negative blood is the universal type because it can be given to any patient in times of emergency. Only about 7 percent of Americans are O-negative, but they can help 100 percent of those needing blood.

This week on The Local Take we speak with Toni Holmes from LifeSouth Community Blood Centers.

She shares with us why the need for blood donations goes up during and after holiday periods. Additionally she explains why blood types are matched to recipients and that O negative is the universal donor and they are currently running short.