David Mamet

Kenny Leon'sTrue Colors Theatre Company production of the award winning drama American Buffalo by David Mame runs now through Sunday, March 6 at the Southwest Arts Center in Atlanta, 915 New Hope Road, Atlanta, GA 30331. American Buffalo is the play that established David Mamet as a foremost American playwright.  Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre is one of Atlanta's great inclusive theater companies. This match of performances and material does not come around  often.

Jamal Ahmad Talks "Race" With True Colors Cast

Mar 14, 2014

Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre Company presents David Mamet's "Race" at the Southwest Arts Center between now and March 23.  Mamet's dialogue, coupled with True Colors acting and direction equals a compelling night out for live theatre.  Show leads Tiffany Hobbs and Neal Ghant stopped by to talk about it with WCLK's Jamal Ahmad.

If you would like to see True Colors production of Race, click here.