Denene Millner

Check out this week's edition of UPFRONT Inside Atlanta's Entertainment Industry. The show featured the hosts of GPB's new talk program, "A Seat at the Table," Christine White, Denene Millner and Monica Pearson. The ladies chatted about the success of the series and why it is unlike any other show on television.

Join us Saturday morning at 7am for The Local Take On WCLK as we celebrate Mothers Day with Denene Millner, author of  My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children.

Join Kiplyn Primus for The Local Take on WCLK Saturday morning at 7am as she talks with Denene Milner about the start of the school year and the phenomenon of African American parents homeschooling in greater numbers.

Even if you aren't fully homeschooling, parents today must augment what their children are learning in the classroom to provide a better view of history, particularly as it relates to the black experience in America. Technology is making it easier for parents, You Tube classroom videos even explain algebra.