This week on The Local Take I speak with Perry Whaley, the Vitiligo Man of Action, about his upcoming 5K race taking place on June 2 in Conyers, Georgia.  Perry Whaley explains to us that vitiligo is an auto-immune deficiency that causes a loss in melanin causing the skin to become "spotty." He also shares that the stigma associated with this condition causes many people to self-isolate. Perry has dedicated his life to this cause. On June 2, he is inviting the community to join forces to participate in a 5K.  This race is for people who have vitiligo and who support those who do. 

This week on the Local Take I speak with Perry Whaley about Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a long term skin disease where people lose pigment in their skin. Mr. Whaley explains that this begin to happen to him as young adult when a small scratch of "white" appeared on his hand.  Then the scratch begin to grow.