January 24: Your Health Connection Focuses On Health Literacy

Jan 24, 2018

Your Health Connection on WCLK is community engagement from the Center For Cancer Research And Therapeutic Development at Clark Atlanta University. Join Host Paula Gwynn Grant Wednesday, January 24 at 6pm as we have a live discussion about health literacy. How much do you know about cancer? Which base line medical care is important? How do you talk with your doctor? Paula will talk about it with you and her guest experts, including Jennifer Harris from the CDC and Iris Feinberg from Georgia State University. They'll take your phone calls live on Your Health Connection. You can also tweet your health questions to @CCRTD.

Dr. Kimberly Davis with CCRTD passes along these links relevant to our discussion:

  • Health Literacy Tests Underutilized; May Improve Elderly Cancer Patients' Care And Outcomes


  • Treatment Environmental, Health Literacy May Improve Cancer Outcomes And Outcomes



  • Patient Portals Could Widen Health Disparities


  • Older Americans unversed in the Internet 'know less about health'