The Local Take: Gumbo MOC - A Call for Chapters

Jun 24, 2017

This week on The Local Take on WCLK we speak with Dr. Brian Wright and Dr. Mike Robinson about their project GUMBO Men of Color - A Call for Chapters. 

Dr. Wright speaks about GUMBO MOC being part of a series of books being produced on the academic level documenting the stories of people of color. He goes on to explain that while this is an academic endeavor, they are reaching beyond the walls of academia to engage with everyday men of color. They are look for stories on resilience and success from a cross section of men. Dr. Wright speaks to sharing stories in our own words about our own lives. He speaks about everyday men who work in government, blue collar workers, corporations and entrepreneurs. 

Additionally we speak with Dr. Mike Robinson who explains that by documenting our stories we can realign and reaffirm our stories and change the false narrative that currently exists. I ask Dr. Robinson about his obvious passion for this endeavor and shares his background with us being raised by a mom who had a commitment to the community.

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