The Local Take: Interfaith Children's Movement Discusses New State Laws Affecting Kids And Parents

Jul 8, 2017

Listen to The Local Take on WCLK Saturday morning at 7am as we continue to explore problems and solutions with the juvenile justice system. This week I talk with Pamela Perkins Carn of the Interfaith Children's Movement about two bills that passed in the last legislative session.

SB 149 - "Best practice"  for school resource officers to receive the training outlined in this legislation, but the legislation does not require school resource officers to have this training. AJC article:  Georgia schools employ many cops with troubled records Study:  The $3.4 Trillion Mistake:  The Cost of Mass Incarcerationand Criminalization, and HowJustice Reinvestment Can Builda Better Future for All Article:  Study finds tight school security can have unintended, negative consequences  Study reference by the article:  Student Suspensions and Arrests:  The Role of School Security                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SB 175 "parent accountability" for children who are deemed as children in need of services, delinquent or under court-supervised program.  While these types of laws are popular across the country, are they effective?  Or are we just adding more people to the criminal justice system?  Have we replaced"the village" with legislation? Punishing My Parents:  Juveniles' Perspectives on Parental Responsibility The Relationship between Parenting and Delinquency (A Meta-analysis) Examples of how new parents can receive the care and guidance they need from the community.  Early childhood is the key period for creating better outcomes for children.  The community should be a support system for parents from the beginning.Raising Healthy Families Is a Community Responsibility For more information on the Interfaith Children's Movement - Faith Communities Working Together to Create a Better Tomorrow for All Children Today 770-498-2141