WCLK Advisory Board

WCLK Advisory Board members represent communities in Atlanta, GA.  The Board members will serve as liaisons between the community and the station.

The purpose of the Board is to help create positive community awareness of station and its activities, to actively advocate the mission of the station; and to advise and implement strategy for securing revenue for the future sustainment of the radio station.  A central key role will be to aggressively promote and champion fundraising opportunities for the station.

The WCLK Advisory board conducts at least two meetings a year in spring and fall.  All meetings are open to the public.

DUTIES:  In coordination with the stations’ staff, the Advisory Board will support the policies and goals set forth each year for the station by the licensee and station management through:

  • Regular attendance at Board meetings throughout the year.
  • Active participation in the achievement of the station’s overall fundraising, membership and revenue goals.
  • Active participation and assistance with the station public relations events and promotion activities.
  • Raising the visibility of station in corporate and civic communities of Metropolitan Atlanta and through educational and cultural sectors of the community.

QUALIFICATIONS:  A Board member is to be an active listener and a current member of Jazz 91.9 WCLK.  She/he must demonstrate a strong commitment to ensure the financial well-being of the station and to promote a positive image within the communities that the station serves.

She/he acquires enough background on the subject of broadcasting, particularly public radio, to be informed and conversant.  She/he will be well-versed in radio and jazz programming and will be WCLK’s advocate in the community.  She/he will apply her/his broad understanding to the specific needs and concerns of the station.

WCLK Advisory Board Meetings:

The WCLK Third Quarter Advisory board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2014.  Location: The Commerce Club, 191 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA  30303.

2013-2014 WCLK Advisory Board

Harold Watkins, Board Chair, CEO Invictus Productions

Lisa Mosley, Co-Chair, Mot 212o TV

Tina Capers-Hall, MBA, Independent H. R. Professional

Jea Delsarte, Pharmacist, CVS Pharmacy

Richard Dent, Entrepreneur

Sunny Franklin, CSM Bakery Products

Craig M. Garrett, Clorox Company

T. K. Keels, Entrepreneur

Edward B. Krugman, Partner-Bondurant, Mixson and Elmore, LLP

Sheryl Sellaway, Executive Public Relations Director, Verizon Wireless Inc.

WCLK Advisory Board Bylaws: